Monday, January 4, 2016

Back to Reality

After some warm temperatures in Elsewhere (almost 80 degrees) during the month of December, January brings more seasonable temperatures in the upper 30's and low 40's. I shouldn't complain since that is probably a heat wave for some folks, especially for my peeps back in Lake Effect Snow Central and my family in Redneckville. But for me, it's cold. This period is relatively short in Elsewhere. In a typical winter, signs of spring start to show up around the end of February. Although with the warmer than usually December, I am wondering if we will be paying for it later.

I worry about the RA in the cold weather. Cold weather is RA's mortal enemy. The joints are not happy at all, as the begin to swell and ache. I often worry about a flare. I can work through a minor flare with rest and OTC meds. But a major flare can result in my being down a a few days or a week,  and can result in using Prednisone to help me through it.

Despite my concerns, Junior and I did our walk outside. Even with the sun shining, it was cold. I had on layers to keep warm. Junior was not phased too much by the chill in the air. German Shepherds are double coated, so he has his own insulated layer. After one mile, I looks at Junior and said "Sorry buddy, but Mom has had enough". Junior was fine with this, as usually a mile is enough to satisfy his walkies fix. I was quite happy to return home. I can feel minor aches in my fingers, knees, and other joints.

They are calling for a little warmer weather later in the week. Hopefully, my joints will be a little happier. Tomorrow; however, I will have to explain to Junior that Mommy cannot go for walkies when it is 30 degrees outside. Daddy will have be on walkies duty!

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