Monday, October 19, 2015


I've wanted to write something about the past two weeks, but honestly, my world has been super crazy.

Let's see:
  • Midterm grades were due at HBCU'
  • 10 students have cheated on assignments in my course. Two have done it twice. The response from the administration was less than what I believe to be a suitable response and punishment. 
  • Lots of work in my PhD classes that take up a good portion of time, Papers, projects and reading do take a lot of time. but I really enjoy them and I am learning so much interesting stuff.
  • Submitted two conference proposals with my advisor, which will also be submitted for publishing next year. Lots of research work. Again, I really enjoy it and I have a good rapport with my advisor. 
  • Hamstring strain has stalled my running, along with a minor cold. Right now, I can only run about 1.25 miles without significant pain. 
Needless to say, the past two weeks were filled with lots of stress, both good and bad. I am also rather tired. That scares me, because excess bad stress will trigger a RA flare. I certainly do not need a flare to complicate matters. I am doing everything I can to keep the flare away. I've been trying to rest, as much as one can in a PhD program. I even canceled class at HBCU to get some rest and to get caught up on PhD work and research for my advisor. Husband has been truly amazing with helping out with little things like housework, cooking and taking Junior for walkies while I work. That has helped me keep my head above water enough to finish what I needed to finish these past two weeks.

Sadly many of the good habits and strategies that I incorporated over the summer and the beginning of the semester have suffered. I am not happy about it. So, my plan this week is re-group and re-focus my attention to what matters and to dump those things and habits that are hurting me. 

Time to hit the reset button.

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