Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Back to One

I spent most of yesterday in a total funk. A friend said some things to me that really hurt. This was the second time that this person crossed a line with me, so I was pissed and hurt that this person did it again. After two weeks of being on an emotional roller coaster with work, classes, research and other stuff, my friend's remarks to me were the straw that broke the camels back, if you will. 

It goes back to my New Year theme of getting rid of the noise. Getting rid of those things that interfere with my health and happiness. The reset that I talked about in my previous post was also about redefining boundaries. I have allowed people and things to inch too close to my boundary or cross it altogether. That is not OK.  I doesn't help me physically, emotionally or mentally. Those who encroach or cross the line take up way too much space. They need to be put back in their place.

For starters, I took a break from FB. I deleted all my apps, so that I could not log in. I just can't deal with all the noise that goes on there anymore. Honestly, it has become a huge time-suck. It doesn't do anything to make me happy. If anything, it leaves me either angry or depressed. I am still on Twitter, which does not have the time-suck factor that FB does. Plus, some really cool folks are there that I enjoy.

In addition, I reworked my daily/weekly schedule to get back into my yoga practice. I am also slowing returning to running after an injury.  Yoga has given me clarity, something that I am missing right now. And, running just helps me de-stress and thing through things, like research.

Also, I reworked my course syllabus for my students at HBCU. Less work will provide less grading that I will have to do. If someone cheats, their grade will take a huge hit. I'm just not in a place where I want to fight the system.

Finally, I am going to focus on my friendships that bring me joy. My friendship with one particular person will change. That friendship no longer brings me joy.

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